Let’s Partner – School Leavers & Students

During the testing period of this program, the first person to register was an 8year old boy who fought for his case, why he should be part of the program. This was inspiring to say the least.

Signing up as an affiliate under 18years requires the sign off of a legal guardian. Certain conditions will have to be met to protect the young affiliate and for the program to be beneficial, not distractive to their education. #KidsInBusiness We have tools and systems to empower young people to thrive in a protected digital space.

Finishing school after Secondary or High School or Varsity can be such a shock to the finances where there are limited employment options. Our program can be a bridging program for a school leaver as they learn online entrepreneurship, have personal development training and learn how to set and achieve life and/or financial goals. 

Individuals that excel will be vouched for and a letter of recommendation or testimonial be created for them. 

Whilst there is absolute joy in being at university, it does come with financial demands even on the student. This program can be a source of income for the varsity students. This also protects their wellbeing from preying people so they have some financial independence. 

Our program will also train them on resilience, entrepreneurship and the power of tech as they generate income from using it. We envision creating young adult leaders who have experienced the digital workspace and who are exposed to the massive opportunities.

You have online or offline options as an affiliate.

Are you that person we are looking for or do you know someone who could benefit?


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