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As an affiliate marketing company we are always looking out for success partners (Affiliates). We partner with affiliates to increase income options and earn on demand instead of waiting…waiting for an opportunity to make more money instead of it being a decision away.

Our program empowers individuals, brands and businesses to bridge income gaps without the usual barriers – applying for a job, looking for clients or tenders, raising capital etc. The opportunity to earn is a decision away and requires the willingness to share products with your audience or network. 

**Your earning heavily depends on the products you are sharing and commission. e.g. we have a digital product worth US$385 with a 10% commission on every qualified sale. This means for every sale, the affiliate gets US$38.50 less tax. If you want to earn US$300+ per month it means you target to get at least 10 sales per month. We will show you how you can achieve this, this is where the partnership element shines through.

If you choose to market and promote the US$15 product with 10% commission, you earn US$1,50 for every qualified sale. If you have the same target of earning US$300+ per month, you would need to push more volumes. Again we show you how to achieve this.

Our affiliates earn

  • without stocking up,
  • worrying about delivery,
  • administration or major overheads,
  • from sharing.

We take care of the stock, delivery logistics, admin and major overheads. We negotiate the best commission for our affiliates and are always innovative about other support we can offer so they achieve success.

OBVIOUSLY this is not a get-rich-quick gig. #Share&Earn, so no sharing = no earning. The partners we are looking should be willing to share online and offline.


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Yes we are excited! Super excited! We may be be looking all calm and collected on the inside but we kid you not! Inside we are jiving, running around aimlessly with our hands in the air. Yup we are the epitome of excitement. KEEP READING DON'T STOP HERE - OBVIOUS!!!

Potential Partners/Affiliates

We are excited because our partnership does not only focus on earnings but also includes personal development, training, coaching and mentorship. Our affiliates benefit more than the money they earn in commissions. 

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