WhatsApp Affiliates, Administrators and Moderators Wanted

This is the BEST time to be alive because social media can now be used to create another source of income by monetising your network.

We are excited to be part of a revolution to create digital careers by innovatively using WhatsApp. Affiliate Zim is about enabling people to create income from what they do daily…sharing.

*a viral video which potentially makes money for the owner of the video, 
*contacts for a service provider or retailer.

Think of the referrals you may have done for your barber or hairdresser, or at some point in Zimbabwe – where to get fuel.

There are so many things we share on WhatsApp and  Affiliate Zim are offering you the opportunity to share so you earn commissions for every qualified sale. A qualified sale is a sale where terms and conditions are met, like the lapse of the refund period. 

An affiliate can share our products on their personal status, in groups they belong to, or that they are willing to form or moderate a group owned by Affiliate Zim.

The opportunity is exciting. Think about it, a WhatsApp group of 187 people and you as a moderator earning 20% of every monthly subscription paid from every member. 

Every dollar adds up. The amounts mentioned above may not make a massive difference but it will cover some costs, it will cover some data bills for you to earn more money as an affiliate.

Requirements for all positions

  1. Access to WhatsApp and the internet.
  2. Willing to earn on commission from every qualified sale.
  3. To uphold WhatsApp user privacy and be respectful at all times.
  4. Must be willing to go through the basic training.

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