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Earn extra money.

Our main aim is to create income opportunities so people start to #EarnOnDemand.

As an urbanite (a person who lives in the city or town), when it comes to earning extra income what options do you have? In Zimbabwe, the most common options are to apply for a job or, buy and re-sell or do both. Applying for a job, “seeking permission to earn” from an organisation, or raising the capital to buy and re-sell act as barriers to you earning when you want/need to. Earn on-demand means you earn when you want to (on demand).

GREAT NEWS!  Affiliate ZIM is an #EarnOnDemand program. At Affiliate Zim you earn when you are ready to get to work. Whilst there are reasonable requirements like not being involved in illegal or questionable activities to be accepted, there are no steep requirements to get started. 

What makes us different from the other affiliate programs is that we believe in earning passive income by harnessing dreams, talent, passion, skill, expertise and purpose. It’s more than just about the money. Our program has integrated personal development, coaching, training and mentorship so the affiliates also get life skills to be resilient and be empowered to thrive. We have big dreams for the affiliates so that they are supported and can make a decent living from this. ENOUGH ABOUT US and our crazy motivation!

As an Affiliate you can promote physical and digital products and services on your site or at a physical location,

  • to your friends and network,
  • to your colleagues at work,
  • from your business, home, phone, laptop or on the go,
  • or by word of mouth.

Hey… whatever tickles your fancy after going through the approval process. 


How the Affiliate Program works

  1. First you need to register, it’s free.
  2. After being vetted and accepted into the Affiliate Program you will gain access to an exclusive dashboard where you can track your earnings and performance.
  3. Affiliates will be redirected to an exclusive and private Facebook support and training group.
  4. Each Affiliate will be assigned a unique Affiliate ID/link that referrals use to place orders.
  5. Affiliates choose the products and services to promote from the current pool.
  6. A range of marketing material e.g videos; flier templates; banners and textual links etc are made available to affiliates for sharing.
  7. Affiliates earn from 5% in commissions from each person who makes a purchase or subscription after the refund period has lapsed. N.B The percentage is negotiated and can sometimes be up to 30% for each sale.
  8. Sales are tracked and associated with the referring Affiliate ID.
  9. Once the purchase is made the referring Affiliate is notified via email. 

What tools do Affiliates get?
Banners & Videos

Use our custom-designed videos, banners, text and email ads.

Sales & Commission Stats

You will get a summary of sales and commissions from the dashboard.

Training & personal development

We equip our affiliates with knowledge so they can maximise their earnings and also grow personally from our coaching programs.

Payout Schedule

Payments are made twice a month on Thursdays to the Affiliate’s bank account after tax deductions.

Affiliates are paid bi-weekly every time you have more than US$10 or more in commissions. If your commission totals less than US10 in any given pay period, your earnings will roll over to the next payment period.

**Please note that the applicable taxes will be deducted before payments are made.