Earn on Demand

Earning extra money or earning more money usually has barriers depending on the country you live in and the options available.

In Zimbabwe you have slim pickings, you either
1) apply for a better job if you have one already, or
2) look for a job if you don’t have one, or
3) you buy and re-sell for a profit if you have the capital, or
4) look for money to start buying and re-selling.

This is not unique to Zimbabwe I must add quickly. There is a gap and a lot of variables between your desire to earn more, and the actual earning of the income you need. 

Earning on demand means you have the opportunity to get involved in activities that will get you money with minimal barriers like experience, expertise, suitability based on a third party etc. 

When you are ready to work, the work is available for you to start acting on with a definite result of earning. The pay period is usually shorter and more convenient to at least get you by.

Affiliate Zim is that type of program. We are ALWAYS hiring and the decision for you to earn starts with your application to get involved and get to work. You get paid twice a month based on our terms and conditions of earning the minimum amount which can at least buy you 2loaves of bread.

Are you ready to start earning? 


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