At Affiliate Zimbabwe are driven by the passion to help people get a head start in achieving their dreams creatively, bridge the income gap and also get life skills using affiliate marketing.  We have developed a flexible income generating model to provide a reliable income option for anyone, and everyone interested in earn extra money.

It was conceptualised in 2015 with a very simple method but has since been refined and tested for a better experience for the affiliate and the clients with products to market.

We value:

  • Passion, people and personal development
  • Dreams
  • Community
  • Creativity
  • Determination
  • Integrity

In everything we do, we strive to satisfy our clients and the affiliates, because this is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Generating income has never been easier with us, #Share2Earn.  We will build entrepreneurial acumen, life skills and tenacity in achieving success – what ever each unique affiliate views success as. 

Meet Founder & Head Affiliate Manager - Loveness Nleya

Digital & Affiliate Marketing – Personal Branding – Multiple Income Consultant

Loveness Nleya was driven to start this after she had struggled with find an alternative way to bridge her financial gap as an urbanite. She is a former NGO Accountant and she made a drastic career shift to make a living from what fulfilled her. Armed with the desire to use tech to make a difference, one life at a time she started researching what other options where there in other countries.

What she found was exciting and also sad. Exciting because she found out that there were more options of earning out there, but she was saddened because her country was not among the countries that could take part in the programs. That has since changed but receiving income from outside the country remains a challenge.

This program was primarily founded to address that by creating a program Zimbabweans could use to earn referral commissions as long they had a Zimbabwean account to receive commissions. This does not restrict whether the Zimbabwean is outside the country or in-country, the critical thing is having a Zimbabwean account to earn.

Read more about Loveness Nleya HERE or Get in touch HERE

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