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Share online to earn. We share a lot of content online without earning. Affiliate marketing enables you to monetise your online sites and activity without violating any good social practices.  You can share online from the listed platforms below;

*Blog – share linked banners and write articles around the products and services directing people to buy your unique affiliate link.

*Online Business Owner – diversify your income and also create another source of income that increases your profit from the same site by sharing the products and services from the Affiliate Program.

*Digital Marketer – Don’t be under pressure to wait for clients before you can earn. Take a pro-active stance and stand monetising your skill and audience by sharing products and services.

*Email – share the products and services to your email community and earn the referral commission.

*Newsletter and/or digital publishing – add more to the number of ways you earn by including the services and products in your publishing. 

*Social Media Influencer – do you have social media followers? You can share services and products and start earning from your network. It’s not about the numbers for us.  

*Social Media (Facebook; Instagram; LinkedIn; Twitter; YouTube; WhatsApp) – monetise your social media presence in compliance to the community regulations and nettiquette on each platform. 

*Online communities – are you an administrator, founder or member of any online community or group? Are you allowed to share ads and articles there? Make extra income from your presence there as an Affiliate.

*Online Events – create more ways of earning from your online events as you share the products and services.

*Website – create diversified income sources and earn passively from your website by sharing the appropriate products and services with your audience. 

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