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Share offline to earn. As humans we consciously and unconsciously create relationships. With affiliate marketing, sharing the right product or service to the people you know will can earn you extra money. What we do not realise is that we are always referring people to a business, product or service and this is free referral marketing called word of mouth. Shift to paid referrals and that is what Affiliate Marketing is about. 

List of possible places and times you can share and earn from;

*Business Premise e.g reception area – people read material you can get fliers or material to share with your referral ID or QR code.

*Church – share our products and services as a way of fundraising or developing an entrepreneurial acumen in the diverse demography. 

*Home or residential area – become an area coordinator, by creating a community around offering a solution to a community problem. Example – sharing the WhatsApp Course Creator Training to alleviate unemployment using WhatsApp in the community after taking time to understand what impact it can make in people’s livelihoods.

*Lunch Hour – slot in time to earn money during the lunch hour, to people not from your workplace unless you are allowed.

*On the Move – as you work out or go about your business. Here networking skills are required because more times than not you will be connecting with people. Training is also available.

*Host Purpose events – these are an option when you have a theme for a party or event and one of the services or products add value to the participants. Example; if you have a digital marketing event for young entrepreneurs then you can share and refer any of the services, courses or products.

*Special Events – are you running a special event with an opportunity to share products and services that add value to the attendants? It could be your special event and you want to monetise it or increase the income sources from it. You can add another income stream to your event by sharing any of the products or services on offer.

*Strategic Locations – do you have access to a high traffic area where you can share a flyer or marketing tool? Our program enables you to monetise that traffic subject to the laws governing such activity.

*Vendor – if you know or are a vendor selling your products increase the number of ways you earn from the same time you spend vending, without the hassle of having capital or worrying about delivery and things like that.

You can start earning by sharing the right product or service with your community. Interested?


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