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Did you know that everyone is an influencer to some extent in their own network?

The coming on of social media has made it possible to categorise the types of influencers depending on the size of their following.
4 types of influencers:

1. Nano Influencers: <1K to 10K

Nano influencers have small yet highly engaged audiences.  They are typically very vocal advocates of the brands and products they love and their followers appreciate their authentic recommendations and commentary.

They have a very close relationship with their followers and take the time to engage with their followers to cultivate those relationships.

2. Micro Influencers: 10K to 100K

Micro influencers have decent followers and these types of social media influencers often have a clear niche – specific area they influence like sports fashion. 

Even though they have a pretty large following, micro-influencers are still viewed as relatable to their followers and tend to have an engaged audience.

3. Macro Influencers: 100K to 1M

Macro influencers are typically internet-made celebrities and might be social media stars, bloggers, vloggers, or podcasters. Macro influencers not only have a large audience but it’s likely that they’ve developed that audience over months or years of nurturing relationships while growing followers.

4. Mega Influencers: >1M

These types of social media influencers can include traditional celebrities or public figures too. Their followers span every group you can imagine.

(source: www.kubbco.com & www.influencermarketinghub.com) 

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