How does Affiliate Marketing work

Simplified affiliate marketing has 3 stages:
1) The affiliate places an ad on their site or shares with their network (online or offline) after signing up for the program and getting a unique affiliate link.

2) A customer clicks on the affiliate link to buy a product or pay for a service after seeing the advert or seeing information. This link tracks every sale that comes from the specific affiliate.

3) After a qualified or confirmed sale the affiliate earns the agreed commission and the merchant gets a sale.

Parties involved in the affiliate process:
1) The Affiliate – the individual/influencer or company who signs up to share services and products in return for an agreed commission for every successful sale.

2) The Merchant – the owner of the services and products being advertised.

3) The Customer – the buyer of the advertised services and products.

4) Affiliate Manager – this role optional. The program can be run by The Merchant/business owner or by a third party who manages the affiliate system and the affiliates themselves. 

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