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#COVID19 has drastically changed the way we do business and embracing tech is one sure way to thrive during and beyond this period. If you have a smart phone with WhatsApp and have access to the internet you can use it to create more ways of earning. We are turning the usual into extraordinary ways of earning. Start earning on demand. YOU decide when YOU are ready to start earning, #EarnOnDemand

The things that you do to earn from WhatsApp:

1. Teach courses based on your skill, passion, expertise, talent and qualification. 

2. Create a subscription based community offering value to the community e.g. mentorship, upskilling, expert consultancy, a service like fitness.

3. Become a WhatsApp Affiliate, earn from sharing products and services for a commission. 

4. Create a group that enables people to access your products and services that your business provides. Most common has been runner services, wholesale products for re-sell or direct sales team groups.

5. Host a free group of value linked to what problem you can solve. e.g. If I offer beauty products I can create a group that focuses on beauty hacks for women.

There is a process that you can do to determine what you can do NOW to start earning from WhatsApp. The most important thing is to focus on what you have that you can do without extra resources needed.


Column 1: List your what you can easily do with minimal additional resources.

Column 2: What problem or problems does each ability solve?

Column 3: What do you need to do to get ready so that you can start earning from the each item listed?
Look out for the item with the least requirements for you to get started. It’s called the low hanging fruit, the things you can do without too much extra stuff. Keep in mind that the goal is to focus on what you can do NOW and TODAY.

Column 4: Draw up a framework of how you are going to offer the service. What process with someone go through to be part of the service you will be offering. If you are running courses this is the best time to work on your course material. Don’t put too much in one course, leave room for participation and engagement.

Column 5: How much can you charge that people are willing to pay for your service? Maximise on numbers. You can even use tier pricing models to give people options. Do a bit of research here so that you do not overcharge or under charge. Factor in your expertise or inputs that may be your knowledge and how you are going to accept payment and manage the billing.

WhatsApp is a gold mine and can radically change your income options. Start earning from what you have. If you are keen and feel you need help book a free WhatsApp 10minute consultation >> Click Here.

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