Never run out of money for bread

May you never find yourself lacking money for “bread” because of finances. Bread in this case represents your most basic needs. Whilst it may be unimaginable for some, yet it has been a reality for some at one time or another.

The key to always having money for “bread” is to have income set aside to cater for those needs. This is not always possible because of limited financial resources. If you check, you have what we can call “little” but essential needs like tissue paper, toothpaste, food etc. Though you can opt for cheaper alternatives in terms of brands so they stay accessible, sometimes it is not enough. 

There comes a time when instead of cutting costs until you can’t cut anymore, you need to increase and grow your income and finances. If you categorise your income, you can have income for major things like rentals or rates, then have income that covers your small but basic needs.

What are you doing to earn money regularly so that you cover your smaller costs? If you are a parent, costs like pocket money for the kids or snacks for the family or something as basic and actual bread. Are you able to save a dollar a day? You need to be making more than a dollar to have savings of a dollar a day. #MindJerkers

Make time to analyse and see what you can do to make money that will trickle in to cover your basic needs. In order to do that you would sell a product or service that people consider as basic like vegetables. People buy them regularly, some even every day. 

Don’t think of something too complicated, something that you can do without too many barriers and logistics. One such program to consider is the Affiliate Zim program. One of our mottos is ‘a dollar adds up.’ Sometimes thinking of making $1,000 can be discouraging if you have pressure to do it all at once. 

Think of making at least $1 and repeat the process. If you can make a dollar and master how to it, you can keep doing it to reach your target. Never run out of money for “bread.”


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