10 Day Digital Marketing Bootcamp


Quick Digital Marketing concepts that you can implement after 10days of intense learning.



The 10day Digital Marketing Bootcamp is a micro-training program that is specially designed for the business person, brand, individual or professional to know critical basics for immediate implementation without doing longer periods for deeper learning. A comprehensive Digital Marketing course can take up 6 intense weeks to master and even longer for anyone who wants to specialise.

Loveness uses her experience and expertise to compress Digital Marketing must-know concepts into a 10day course, delivered boot camp style.

See the course outline below.


1) Digital Marketing Basics – Fundamentals of digital marketing in brief for appreciation.
2) Digital Marketing Strategy – How to develop an effective digital strategy that will give you results.
3) Social Media Marketing – Effective social media marketing.
4) Organic vs paid traffic generation (SEO & SEM) – Paying for customers vs getting customers without paying.
5) Affiliate Marketing – Amplifying your brand or business by referral marketing.
6) Lead Management & Sales Funnel – How to convert an enquiry to a customer.
7) Content Creation and Marketing – How to create content and use it for attracting the ideal client.
8) Analytics & Reporting – How to measure the effectiveness of your online activity


After the course, you will

1) have good working and practical knowledge of what Digital Marketing is and what you can implement immediately without being a digital expert.

2) have practical steps to how you can achieve Digital Marketing success and measure it.

3) know what the best Digital Marketing strategies for your goals and objectives are.

4) be able to have clarity about what Digital Marketing is, and how to stand out online and increase your ROI (Return On Investment)

NB: All this is packaged in a way that you do not need to be an expert with prior training to master the concepts. You will need to have some basic appreciation of using the internet.

Course delivery

1. Training will be in a private and exclusive Facebook group. This is a self-paced course that you do at your convenience.

2. Each concept comes with a PDF module, a 15-60minute explainer posted in the Facebook group and then a Question and Answer section for clarity and interaction.

3. The training material is posted Monday to Friday.

Refund period

We have a 2day refund period for students from date of payment for the course.