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Earn extra money.

Our main aim is to create income opportunities so people start to #EarnOnDemand.

Think about it. As an urbanite (a person who lives in the city or town), when it comes to earning extra income what options do you have? The most common options are to apply for a new job, apply for a job or buy and re-sell. To better understand #EarnOnDemand, the process of seeking permission to be part of an organisation or the capital to buy and re-sell act as barriers to you earning when you need to. 

Earn on-demand means when you are ready earn, the decision to get started is with you. Simplified, our #EarnOnDemand program needs you to register so we can collect your information for the administration of your commission, training and communication. There are guidelines to protect the brands and initiative that do not have high barriers of entry. Simply put – you earn when you are ready to get to work. 

As Affiliate Zim we are ALWAYS looking for ways to empower our affiliates financially, even if we have to be unconventional. “To have an extraordinary life you have to be willing to do what 90% of the population is not.” 

Our program has its rockstar qualities – we also focus on the dreams, talent, passion, skill and purpose. It’s more than just about the money. So OBVIOUSLY, personal development, coaching, training and mentorship become an integral part of our program. ENOUGH ABOUT US and our crazy motivation!

Our affiliates get from 5% commission per sale, getting paid 4 times a month once they reach the minimum earning amount of ZWL$250 per week. This threshhold to release funds is low to enable someone in dire straits to get cushioning. 

As an Affiliate you promote an assortment of products and services

  • on your site,
  • to your friends and network,
  • to your colleagues at work,
  • from your business, home, phone, laptop or on the go,
  • or by word of mouth.

Hey… whatever tickles your fancy after going through the approval process. As long as it is legal and does not infringe anyone’s rights, we are game.



HOW TO GET STARTED…let’s stop flaffing about!

Join the affiliate program and have a way to earn extra money for ANY need.

  • Earn from 5% commission on every referral. Please note that the percentage is negotiated by Affiliate Zim and can be higher depending on the service or product being marketed.
  • Sign up for free. Training is optional at an extra cost and recommended for optimal earnings.
  • Do a business or side hustle that has low monthly overheads – you cover your data and power. No rent or staff costs.
  • Commissions are scheduled to be paid 4 times a month once you meet the minimum threshhold. Imagine earning four more times in a month.

How the Affiliate Program Works

  1. Join the Affiliate Program and you will need to three sales to be able to become a qualified affiliate and access to a dashboard which tracks your commissions and other services. This helps us provide effecient services and not burden our management system.
  2. You will be redirected to an exclusive and private Facebook Group for affiliates on registration and we will send you a unique Affiliate ID that your referrals need to input for them to order.
  3. Choose the products and services to promote from the current pool.
  4. Share the range of marketing material e.g videos; flier templates; banners and textual links etc.
  5. Earn from every referral – earn from 5% for every person who makes an order after seeing what you shared . (T&Cs apply) Please note that some products and services will give up to 30% in commission for each sale.
  6. The person you referred places an order on an online order form that tracks orders referred by you. They will be directed to the digital order form . We’ll associate that purchase with your Affiliate account which will be updated daily. 
  7. Once the purchase is made you will be notified via email and WhatsApp. 

What tools do Affiliates get?

Banners & Videos

Use our custom-designed videos, banners, text and email ads. 

Sales & Commission Stats

You will get a summary of sales and commissions. Once you become a qualified affiliate, this will happen from your dashboard.

Payout Schedule

Payments are made once a week on Thursdays to your Zim bank account via ZIPIT / RTGS after tax deductions in compliance with the Zim laws and regulations.

You will be paid weekly every time you have more than ZWL$250 or more in commissions. If your commission totals less than ZWL$250 in a given pay period, your earnings will rollover to the next payment period. 

**Please note that the applicable taxes will be deducted before payments are made. 

This program is open to:
a) Zimbabweans staying in Zimbabwe who own Zimbabwean bank accounts or 
b) Zimbabweans staying outside Zimbabwe who own Zimbabwean bank accounts. Onc